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On request, I also have the following manual:
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Manufacturer's press release:
Now, Nikon has mixed high-power performance, cool design and ease of use in a modern alchemy of style and functionality.
The Coolpix 2500 is a radical new compact camera where for once, the engineers had to fit their part into the form given to them by the industrial design team rather than the other way round.

"We'll sculpt the outside, then figure out how to fit the works inside" was the philosophy behind the 2500.
Taking a cue from a host of modern design idioms, not least MP3 players, top-end mobile phones and personal accessories, Nikon have produced a camera that fits into a modern lifestyle yet which is still first and foremost everything that a Nikon camera should be - image quality and ergonomic simplicity.

One look at the swivelling body - cleverly contained inside the camera housing -tells the world that something new is again about to break the existing rules in the world of camera design, and the name on the product is, once again, Nikon.
The extra length in the rotating lens part has made it possible to incorporate high quality Nikkor optics, yet retain a compact format that fits in the hand, pocket or bag.
Operation is simple by means of the cleverly positioned buttons and inside, Nikon's know-how in Digital Imaging means that the Coolpix 2500 is a camera that delivers sensational images in all manner of situations, with satisfying quality.

Reaction to the design has been positive: "It was clear, after showing a preview of this product, that some people just wanted to keep the camera in their hands and never give it back. It turned out to be something to hold as much as something to take a picture with - which is great because, people will keep this camera with them and will take many more photographs than ever before, really getting the benefit of digital."

The Coolpix 2500 Nikon have captured today's spirit with a camera that challenges thinking yet delivers value, quality and style in a package that is truly a pleasure to own and use.

Lens closed
Size: 11.4 (W) x 5.95 (H) x 3.15 (D) cm. Weight: 175g

The inner-swiveling lens can be turned round at 90, 130 and even 180 degrees for self-portraits.

Side view

Selector button on the top side

Back side, ready to take a photo

With its manuals, software CD and CF memory card

The box

Close-up bonus

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