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The manual is the one of the Apple QuickTake 200.

You may also download the DS-7 brochure in German.

More information from Alec :
The SmartMedia Card used in the DS-7 and QuickTake 200 is different to that in most (all?) later cameras. It requires 5 volts while subsequent cameras used the 3.3 volt version. The cards for the differing voltages have the opposite corner cut away so only the correct card can be inserted in the correct camera. The 5 volt cards are very rare (expensive) and the only other user I'm aware of is a Roland keyboard.

Front view. The DS-7 has no flash and no zoom
Size: 12.9 (W) x 7.7 (H) x 4.7 (D) cm. Weight: 239g

Side view

Top and bottom sides

Back side with the 1.8" first generation color LCD

With its set of manuals and the floppy disk adapter allowing a SmartMedia card to be read in a 3.5" floppy drive

The box

Close-up bonus

Its twin brother, the Apple QuickTake 200
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