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Kodak EasyShare V.8.3 Windows

Kodak EasyShare V.6.2 Macintosh

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A simple-to-use camera that takes great pictures and an easy way to get those pictures onto your computer.

Press release:

Kodak and Texas Instruments Team Up Again to Deliver New EasyShare System

DALLAS, May 8, 2001 -- Utilizing the imaging industry's first programmable digital signal processing-based solution from Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE: TXN - news; TI) and Kodak's imaging science, Kodak recently introduced its new EasyShare system, featuring a camera dock and two new digital camera models that make digital still and video photography simple and affordable for consumers. The Kodak DX3500 Digital Camera and the Kodak DX3600 Zoom Digital Camera offer ease of use and an extensive range of features. With the announcement of the new EasyShare system, Kodak extends its commitment to TI's digital signal processor (DSP) platform, which began with the announcement of the Kodak mc3 portable multimedia device earlier this year.

The EasyShare system sets a new standard for ease of use in the digital photography market. The DX3500 digital camera features 2.2 megapixel resolution, 3X digital zoom and a convenient close-up mode to ensure great looking pictures every time. The DX3600 Zoom digital camera captures digital pictures and video with audio, offering 2.2 megapixel resolution and a 6X zoom. Both cameras offer 8MB of internal memory so your camera can capture up to 48 pictures without a CompactFlash memory card. For more pictures, there is an expansion slot for removable CompactFlash memory cards. The cameras utilize TI's DSC21 programmable DSP technology for flexible implementation of their image capture and processing functions.

In its N137 docking station
Size: 12(W) x 7.4(H) x 5(D) cm. Weight : 205g

Front view

Top view

Back side. Running the Setup program

The DX-3500 and DX 3600 were llaunched at the same time. The cases are very similar.

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