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Mavica MVC-FD90

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Get into digital photography the easy way with the Sony MAVICA . Storing up to 40 JPEG images on a standard floppy disk, this digital darling eliminates drivers, cables and adapters. You simply put the floppy in your computer's floppy drive, load the included ArcSoft Photo Studio software, and you're ready to edit.

The 1.3m pixel image sensor produces razor-sharp pictures you can see immediately on the built-in 2.5 inch color monitor. The MVC-FD90 delivers an image in excess of a million pixels. The more pixels you have, the more detailed your pictures will be. If you want rich, captivating colors and dazzling detail, pixel count is one of the features you should focus on.

Advanced HAD CCD Hole Accumulation Diode CCD reduces noise in the video signal to improve signal-to-noise ratio by up to 6dB (2x better than a standard CCD). Macro Focus allows sharp, close up photography of images or small objects. Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance automatically correct the amount of light on the subject and adjusts to match the true color of the subject. 4 Flash Modes provide more flexibility in taking pictures.

This camera has AutoFlash, Fill-in Flash, Red-Eye Reduction Flash, and Flash Off Modes. Built-in Flash with Red-Eye Reduction provides automatic or manual control at the touch of a button to capture low-light images. The pre-flash mode virtually eliminates bothersome "red eye" effects on snapshots. Intelligent Flash provides the perfect amount of flash for optimum brightness and color accuracy in any lighting conditions.

InfoLithium Battery with AccuPower Meter System Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery means no memory effect like other battery types can experience. Sony's exclusive AccuPower meter continuously displays the battery time remaining in minutes, in the viewfinder or LCD screen. MPEG

Movie Mode (Memory Stick) allows you to capture video and audio onto Sony's Memory Stick digital storage media for input onto your computer. This camera utilizes 4 different compression modes: good (maximum compression), better (medium compression), best (low compression), and superior (little or no compression). The more compression used, the greater the data loss (picture quality), but more images can be placed on a memory card for transfer to a PC, photo printer, or to other means.

Size: 14.3 (W) x 10.5 (H) x 7.7 (D) cm. Weight: 670g

Connectors side. Note the silver manual focus ring.

Floppy disc side

Top view with the original neck strap

Back side with display and menu

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