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Manufacturer's Description:

A 4-megapixel autofocus camera with 2.8x optical and 4x digital zoom, the Samsung Digimax A400 captures crisp images. The Digimax has a 2.0-inch color TFT LCD that enables users to quickly and easily review and preview. The superb macro mode allows users to capture clear images of subject matter as close as 5 centimeters from the camera's lens.

The Digimax A400 offers a lot of features, including multiple flash modes, adjustable white balance, and selectable ISO sensitivity (Auto, 100, 200, and 400). Digimax A400 users can capture both still images and movie clips with audio at resolutions up to 640 x 480 (VGA) at a maximum rate of 24 frames per second (fps). The length of the movie clips are only limited to the capacity of the memory card. Voice recording up to one hour can be recorded with the camera's built-in microphone and sound clips can be attached to individual still images. These images can be stored on the camera's 16.0 MB of internal flash memory or on an external SD/MMC card.

The Digimax A400 offers 9 different customizable Photo frame modes. Its multiple scene modes include Night, Portrait, Landscape, Text, and Fireworks.

With various power sources to choose from--AA alkaline, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mg, Ni-Zn, Lithium, CR-V3, and Digimax I-Pack SBP-1303--Digimax A400 owners can rest assured that they'll never run out of juice.

You may also dowload:
- The Service manual in English.

Lens in.
Size: 10.9 (W) x 5.7 (H) x 3.4 (D) cm. Weight : 140g

Lens out

Side view

Top view

Running the Setup menu

Along with user's manuals, original pouch and software CD.
To note that the CD mentions also the Kenox Cyber 410 which is a rebadged version of the Digimax A400.

The box

Bonus : Nices pictures scanned from the sides of the box.

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