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ClickSmart Series (310, 420, 510)

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You may download the following manuals:

ClickSmart 420 in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.
ClickSmart 310 in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.
ClickSmart 510 in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

Manufacturer's Description:

ClickSmart 420 is the perfect DualCam for shooting the action out there, then sharing it over the Internet. You can even capture short video clips with sound using the integrated microphone. This VGA sensor produces up to 1.3 megapixel pictures; while the 8 MB internal Flash memory provides storage for more than 80 pictures and over 70 seconds of video. ClickSmart 420 comes with Logitech's Image Studio all-in-one software. And when attached to the PC, the camera also functions as a great Webcam.

Quickly download images and videos to your PC with QuickSync. Create stunning Web albums on MSN Photos or other photo sharing Web sites. Use Logitech's free IM Video Companion to add live video to MSN Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. Chat face-to-face online using MSN Messenger or Microsoft NetMeeting software.

The three models. From left to right : ClickSmart 510, 310, 420

Back sides

Top view. Gray, blue and red shutter buttons

ClickSmart 310 on its base

ClickSmart 510

ClickSmart 420, the most advanced version.

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